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Suspect infidelity? Before You Read His or Her Email, Read This!

You think your husband or wife is cheating on you… You remember the password to his or her email account because you set it up, so you log into her account and discover emails between him or her and their new lover.

Now you’re devastated and are ready to confront your spouse with this newly-found evidence and file for a divorce.

Not so fast…

Do you think that logging into his or her email account is even legal?

Maybe not.

Before you log onto your spouse’s email account or intercept any messages or communication with another person whatsoever, whether that be through email, voicemail, messages and posts on a Facebook account, texts on their mobile phone, etc., PLEASE take the following into consideration:

In your passion to discover what your spouse is doing online, you might just violate federal electronic communication privacy laws or other state laws addressing “unauthorized access” of a protected computer, communication device or information system.

This could backfire on you and could be more costly to you than the information you would otherwise discover is worth. Your spouse, or ex-spouse, may eventually file criminal charges against you if they find out as a way to gain an advantage in potential divorce proceedings or child custody matters.

Don’t do it without first consulting your attorney (the expensive).

Instead, the less expensive option is to hire a private investigator to legally obtain the proof you need to prove (or disprove) your gut feeling.

For your private investigation needs in and around Pensacola, Florida, CompassPoint Investigations is only an email or phone call away. Please use our contact form and get a hold of us right away for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

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