Important Missing Children and Child Abduction Resources

The following resources have been selected as a starting point to assist private investigators who are working with parents who have experienced the tragedy of a child abduction, parental kidnapping or who have a child that has runaway.  It is paramount to begin these cases quickly and gain as much exposure as possible in order to contain the search area.  It is a common belief that most victims of abduction will remain within a one mile radius of the crime, however this is typically not true in cases involving runaways and parental abductions; these persons often end up as far away as a different state or country.

Caution: Civilian investigators should always work with law enforcement personnel working in an official capacity so as not to hinder or disrupt an ongoing investigation; the ramifications of which should be obvious.

As the Team Hope organization, linked below, notes, “According to Federal law, the police are obligated to take the missing persons report and enter the information into the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) without a waiting period.  If you encounter problems reporting your child as missing, please share these laws with your police department.”



The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has published an OUTSTANDING reference to conducting missing children investigations for law enforcement titled Missing and Abducted Children: A Law-Enforcement Guide to Case Investigation and Program Management; some of it is certainly applicable to assisting private investigators

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