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What is Mass Marketing and Consumer Targeted Fraud?

Mass Marketing Fraud is a general term for frauds that exploit mass-communication media, such as telemarketing fraud, Internet fraud, and identity theft. Since the 1930’s, mass marketing has been an accepted and productive way of increasing a customer base. Advanced communications, including computers, speed dialing, automatic dialing, and facsimile machines, along with modern conveniences such […]

Important Missing Children and Child Abduction Resources

The following resources have been selected as a starting point to assist private investigators who are working with parents who have experienced the tragedy of a child abduction, parental kidnapping or who have a child that has runaway.  It is paramount to begin these cases quickly and gain as much exposure as possible in order […]

Proactively Preventing Employee Problems Through Proper Screening Processes

Hiring and retaining employees in today’s marketplace is a complicated situation; in fact, it’s more of a matter of life and death for most businesses.  The liabilities inherited with each job offer include Employee theft Huge turnover rates Unqualified employees Negligent hiring practices and discrimination based lawsuits Violence in the workplace Each of these challenges […]

Personal Information on the Internet Could Put you In Danger

There is already a lot being said about malware (Trojans, viruses, worms, etc.) and attempts to obtain your cash, personal identity, usernames and passwords through various frauds, phishing schemes and other cyber crimes.  While this is crucial information to have, practically nothing is being written about the tremendous amount of personal information pouring onto the […]

Do You Suspect Infidelity in Your Relationship?

The following is a guide to help you determine if your spouse or lover is cheating on you. After reading this list you may find there is some area of concern. Do not confront the cheater. This will only cause them to clean up their act and make it more difficult for you to catch […]